Are You Able To Purchase Sex Toys Below Legal Age?

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Your letter, full of doubts and questions, contains in its interior one of the most common issues when it comes to confronting adolescent. The question is:You are too young?How to buy sex toys if you’re under 18? Before reaching a conclusion analyze the subject from the point of view of all the agents involved.

  1. For your mother: yes, you are too young.

Mothers come standard with a distorted perception of their daughters’ age. They spend half of your life convinced that you are too young for everything to be curious about sex, to have a boyfriend, to go out at night, to go on a trip alone, to have a car until, one day, You start to think they are too old to have a child and suddenly, when are you going to give us a joy daughter that at this rate you do not make me grandmother with the illusion that makes me.

Most times your mother will be right, but only because she has gone through the same phases, she has made a mistake and learned the lesson. So, yes, your mom knows best and you should listen to her, but sometimes you have to go a little free and have a secret drawer at home for all those things that you want to have but your mother prefers not to see.

  1. For the law: yes you are too young.

Minors cannot buy in erotic toy stores and, answering your question: no, you should not try a vibrator without buying it. In this life there are things that should not be shared: the toothbrush, the chips and the vibrator.

  1. For you: you will never be too young.

The human being is anxious by nature and always has his eye on the next stage. It happens to me too. I cannot stop thinking about the day I retire! It is good to be curious about the future, but that does not distract you from living each stage of your life to the fullest. You do not want to be that person who changes the song before it ends. What anger it gives.

  1. For me: To See.

Celebrate your curiosity and pleased that you are taking your first steps in the knowledge of your sexuality. It’s important, it’s fun and it’s healthy. However, you still have many things to explore before jumping into the world of toys. Do not hurry. in what you have. Have fun. And in a few years, write me again to go together for virtual erotic shopping.

Is the size of a vibrator important? The color? The shape? Better with batteries or rechargeable?

Are you thinking about buying a vibrator and have you realized that you have no idea? Do not stress! If you are a novice in the acquisition of these gadgets, take good note of these five tips, Women’s Health helps you make the best decision. Get ready to enjoy alone or in company!

Now you do not have to leave home to get the vibrator of your dreams.

And on the Internet you can find your new best friend at the click of a mouse. For example, in erotic toy stores like Platanomelón you will find an endless number of products that will make you vibrate like no other. And also, if you want to organize an afternoon with friends of the most fun, what better than a tuppersex with an expert to explain the characteristics of all their products!If you want it even easier, they’ll take you home.

It is essential to know what your new sextoy is made of. Silicone is the preferred material of experts, especially medical grade silicone, because it transmits vibrations well, is not porous and is very easy to clean with soap and water or with a specific product. Its components are healthy and, most importantly, are safe for your body. Another option would be hard plastics because they are also easy to clean. Avoid vibrators that are made of rubber.

The proposal of Women’s Health:  vibrator bunny Nico.

Make sure you like it and that it is love at first sight. No matter how powerful or expensive your vibrator is, it would be a big mistake to buy a scary toy that is loud or unattractive. Experts say that aesthetics is very important, almost as much as the functions that your sextoy performs. After all, you’re going to use it to get in tune and get pleasure.

Choose a vibrator that awakens your imagination and your sexiest version. Desire and aesthetics are deeply personal and should be intertwined to perfection. So choose one that connects with you.

You should consider your sex toy as an investment, as if it were a luxury product. Think that when you decide to get one of these devices, you are betting on a new kind of pleasure and, at the same time, you are investing in yourself.

On the other hand, if you are very shy and you get nervous just imagine that someone can find the vibrator in your bedroom, choose a small one. Do not forget to hide it too!

The Women’s Health proposal: Lyo bunny vibrator, with 10 rotating tongues to stimulate the clitoris

In case the walls of your house are very thin, it is worth finding a toy that does not vibrate like a chainsaw every time you use it. Sometimes, the noise level is related to the intensity or power of the vibrator, but with high quality products, this is not always the case.

Most of us prefer to use our vibrator in a quiet environment. Therefore, it is preferable to spend a little more on a sex toy made of quality materials that help muffle the noise. Bet on rechargeable sex toys, increasingly common, silent and ecological! They are also submersible to give you a warm bath with an extra relaxation. Eye! Not all toys are submersible; we will not have a misfortune!

The Women’s Health proposal:  Lucas vibrator, rechargeable with clitoris and G-spot stimulation

To taste the colors, consider all types of vibrators:When deciding what characteristics you want your new best friend to have, considered your sexual preferences, but also your budget! Many times it is better to start with something simple and goes up in category as you are experienced. There are vibrators for all pockets, from $ 10, to some more exclusive bathed in gold and inlaid with diamonds. For more info, click here.

Experts suggest looking for a vibrator with multiple levels of intensity as they are easier to customize according to your mood and situation. There may be days when you want to use the vibrator as a preliminary with your partner, and others in which you prefer to “play” alone.

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