7 Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Using Yoni Eggs

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With a Yoni egg you can do all kinds of exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The exercises provide a better blood circulation for the muscles in the lower abdomen, increase the sexual pleasure and strengthen the self-healing ability.

User instruction

Buy a box of teeth-floss, pull out a double wire of about 40 cm and make a button. Then pull (if necessary with the help of a needle) this thread through the Yoni egg and then pull the wire through the loop of the wire. Now firmly tighten so that the wire is securely fastened. Bring the Yoni egg a little at body temperature with hot water or by for example, wearing it for a few minutes between the breasts. Do not drop the Yoni egg!

Now lie down comfortably and relaxed. Give yourself a breast massage; caress yourself from your vagina to your breasts, to your breasts back and forth. Do this until you are really relaxed. Place the egg against the entrance of your vagina. Possibly lubricate some organic coconut oil on the you egg and / or the vaginal entry. Then bring in the Yoni egg. You can insert it completely and thus deeply. Sometimes it is easy to pull up the knees and cradle with the pelvis. You have to know how long to use a yoni egg now.  Buy Here

Build up the use of the Yoni egg slowly. For the first time, keep it as long as it feels right for you. Before you take out the Yoni egg, first relax. Then carefully pull out the Yoni egg with the string.

It is nice and handy to insert the Yoni egg every now and then before you go to sleep. After waking up, you get it out again at your leisure. In this way, the Yoni egg absorbed negative energy and fatigue from the vagina and uterus during the night.

If you have trouble holding the Yoni egg, first massage your vagina and the perineum with organic sesame oil. Sesame oil gives strength to tissue. Also practice your pelvic floor muscles regularly without using the Yoni egg!


  • Do you really want to know more about the possibilities and the use of the Yoni egg?
  • When not using the Yoni egg!
  • When you menstruate. The blood wants to go out; the Yoni egg blocks the natural outflow. Use the Yoni egg ideally 5 days after the start of menstruation.
  • Do not use the Yoni egg with a vaginal fungal infection, release it first.
  • The use of the Yoni egg should not hurt. Always immediately remove the Yoni egg in case of pain.

Only use a rose quail egg during pregnancy. Do not do that for more than half an hour a day, several times a week. Yoni eggs from all other types of stone are too powerful and can induce labor.


This Yoni egg is not suitable for oral use. Bring to body temperature before use.


If necessary or desired, the Yoni egg can easily be cleaned with a natural and biological cleaning product. So it is without corrosive substances. The best and most beneficial cleaning product for this is Wipe & Clean, based on Effective Micro-organisms. This Yoni egg for cleaning certainly does not boil, and never clean with alcohol!

The yoni egg is a crystal egg that is inserted into the vagina, and with which various exercises can be done. By nature the vagina will ‘play’ with the egg, and do with it what is needed for this intimate area. By using a yoni egg, the muscles of the pelvic floor will strengthen and the egg helps to solve emotional tensions and traumas around the pelvic area. This has many benefits for health, sensitivity, vitality and emotional well-being.

History and Origin

Yoni is the word for holy temple, vagina, primal source or uterus in Sanskrit; it is the symbol for the Goddess and the holy mother. The yoni egg was used by the Taoists to exercise and strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. According to them, the area around the pelvic floor is the source for a healthy, long and happy life. The Taoists originally use eggs from Jade, Jade is known for its purifying and harmonizing effect, thus balancing the area around the pelvic floor. The vagina is therefore also called the jade temple within Taoism. Beginners are always advised to start with an egg from Jade at the start of the practice.

A trained pelvic floor enhances the pleasure and sensitivity of the whole body, which you will notice during sex, it brings vitality in the body and helps prevent incontinence. In addition, a trained pelvic floor ensures that sexual energy can be transformed into healing and revitalizing energy for the whole body and can improve general health. The Taoists see menstruation & orgasm as the loss of vital energy. Through Taoist practice, meditation and also working with the egg, the menstruation (and possible menstrual complaints) can become less and even stay away, while the cycle of fertility and build up and break down of the mucous sinus in the vagina will be maintained.


A standard Yoni egg has the size of a small chicken egg (M). A larger egg is more palpable (L), and suitable for women with weak pelvic floor muscles, or for women who have become mothers. Women with tight pelvic floor muscles or women who are more trained / practiced therefore work with a smaller egg (S or XS).


  • Before use – Always clean your egg with a PH-neutral soap and / or warm water before use. Before the first use, you can put the egg in a pan of water against boiling for a few minutes; beware of large temperature fluctuations, especially quartz varieties can burst.
  • Touted – Especially at the first use it can be nice to use an egg with a hole, where you have a thread so you can remove the egg. After you have been able to ‘lay’ the egg a few times without any manual help, you can use the egg without string. When practicing with the egg, the string is very useful to do ‘strength’ exercises, and to give resistance with your yoni by pulling the string.
  • Take the time – Always take plenty of time to work with the egg, be kind to yourself and wait until your vagina takes the egg yourself. Do not bring the egg out of willpower, so your vagina will only build up more tension.
  • Inserting – Take all the time before inserting the egg. The best thing is to start massaging your entire body. You can use the egg well to massage your body (especially back) (acupressure). This is immediately very handy way to bring the egg to temperature. You can also bring the egg to temperature by placing it under the hot tap. Massage your stomach and massage (with the egg) your groin, pubis, and labia (good for the blood circulation). Let the egg rest around your clitoris and against your vagina mouth. Then you can massage the muscles around your vaginal mouth, by gently turning around with the egg. When you are sufficiently excited, let the egg with the convex side rest against the opening of your vagina and wait until your vagina takes the egg. Practice, especially in the beginning not telling, 10 to 15 minutes. Conscious exercise is always preferable to leaving the egg in while you are asleep or unaware.

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